Portfolio – Grandeur

view Paseo Colorado imagesPaseo Colorado is truly unique – a three-block, $130 million urban village that blends retail and residential into one. Nearly 400 new apartments sit atop a two-story renovated shopping center below. The five- and six-story residential floors are entirely constructed of load-bearing light gauge metal stud framing.

Since completion of Paseo Colorado Berger has become the industry leader in light gauge load bearing metal framing.  As the leader in this growing market Berger Bros. is on the cutting edge of new innovative building systems and technology.

Project Challenges
Severe site constraints limited access by cranes and heavy machinery. Before building could even begin, massive demolition of the preexisting structures was required. An added challenge was the concurrent construction of the apartments and the retail project underneath. This was a new construction approach just beginning to be used.

Berger Bros.’ Role
Berger provided the full range of design build services required to successfully complete a light gauge load bearing metal stud project.  These services allowed for increased coordination in the pre-construction phase thereby eliminating many of the conflicts that can occur on a typical job site.  Berger Bros. worked in concert with the project team in the earliest aspects of planning to ensure the most affordable and schedule efficient project possible.