The Most Exciting Winter Sports, Events and Memorable Moments

Welcome to Bergerbros, winter sports site. Winters have always been the favorite time of most of our lives. The whole ambiance changes in winters. It’s all snowy and white wherever you see and that is the time one must have thought out of the winter sports to be held. Bergerbros is a website who has been reporting on the latest updates on winter sports Olympics. The Olympics committee had long decided to make the winter sports a part of their sports curriculum keeping in mind the popularity of the sports. Ever since then the winter sports Olympics is winning our hearts and bergerbros have been single-handedly bringing in the winter sports Olympics into our breakfast table. So if you are a winter sports Olympics person and need the most authentic searches on it the Berger bros inc is your solution. If you follow us, you can also find dedicated sports betting guides on our website, as well as the best bookies on the internet where you can wager on your favorite athletes. A great place to start is which offers various bonuses that you can use on betting in addition to playing casino games.

History of Snow Sports

Snowsports comprises of many sports including skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, etc. all the different sports have different histories. For example, skiing is considered to be practiced ever since the beginning of human civilization. Some ancient caves of Russia do bear the evidence of skiing as cave paintings. Also, some antiques from the olden days skiing have been found by the geologists of Sweden. Therefore these winter sports Olympics which we go gaga about was very much a part of the lives of our forefathers too. Berger brothers were not wrong when they said that winter sports are the oldest of all. Berger brothers inc gives detailed information on the history of snow sports on their website. Do check it out if you are interested.

The Most Popular Winter Olympic Sports

There are basically 15 winter sports Olympics that the Olympics committee has approved of. no sports can be called less popular than the other as all of them are exciting and turn people crazy. However, Berger bros pub recommends the best winter sports of the Olympics to be as follows:

  1. alpine skiing: imagine the skiers rushing down the snow hills in a speed of 90 k/h. this sports although known as alpine skiing is performed on Taebaek Mountains and not on alps.
  2. Biathlon: this is a tribute to our ancestors as they lived their lives hunting and gathering for survival. In biathlon, the participants go for a cross country and then has to shoot from a distance of 160 feet.
  3. Bobsleigh: this involves a sleigh that carries 2-3 people who have to race on the ice sheets at the speed of 90 to 120 km/hr.

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International Winter Sports Events

International winter sports are an extremely popular form of sports from all around the world. their popularity has made their fans from all around the world to bet on them. Yes, people from the entire world bet on the winter sports Olympics. You too can bet on them via a sports betting site. However, the best way to bet on the winter sports are indeed the online casino sites. What makes the legal online casino sites better than the sports betting sites is not only the latest updates about the sports going on but the best perk of legal online casino sites is the casino bonus that they offer. the casino bonus can be given in the form of no deposit casino bonus or a welcome bonus and you get the casino bonus as soon as you sign up with the legal online casino which can win you real money. These bonuses can also be used for Pai Gow Poker which you can find at Join up, it’s an all-round awesome experience.

The Best Extreme Winter Sports to Try

Here are some of the best extreme winter games that you must try once in your lifetime.

  1. ice climbing: the best place to do this is the cold tundra of Switzerland. This sport is way more dangerous than rock climbing as the ice can slip anytime. However, it is worth doing it.
  2. snowcross: this one is an extremely dangerous game as the biker has to cross at the speed of 60-80 km/hr through tight turns and difficult terrains.

10 Historic Moments from the Winter Olympics

  1. when Dan Jansen won the gold in the final race in the 1980s, he got extremely emotional about that. The Berger brothers were able to capture the moment in their camera as real as the moment itself.
  2. In 2006. Showboating by Lindsey Jacobellis’ went wrong and she could not win the gold
  3. In 2010 Sidney Crosby could not bring his country the gold medal for ice hockey
  4. The battle of skiing between Brian Orser and Brian Boitano was spectacular
  5. In 1998, Hermann Maier fell down from 120 feet and yet won two gold medals later
  6. Nodar Kumaritashvili dies while on training for his run
  7. The bobsleigh team of Jamaica walked to the finishing line despite an accident
  8. Wrong judgment in favor of Russian skaters made their French competitors emotional
  9. A miracle happened in 1980
  10. Nancy Kerrigan hit by Tonya Harding on the knee.