Portfolio – Prestige

On a spectacular 110-acre hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains sits The Getty Center, a campus of six buildings and home to the J. Paul Getty Museum. Architect Richard Meier’s one billion dollar Italian travertine masterpiece became an instant landmark and is renowned for its stunning architecture, breathtaking views, peaceful gardens and gallery pavilions of art.

Project Challenges
Realizing the vision of architect Richard Meier’s design was the greatest challenge of The Getty Center project. Every single room’s length, width and height had to adhere to a strict 30-inch dimensional module, resulting in allowable tolerances that were essentially zero. This complex system was achieved through the use of some 1,200 different wall types. The quality of the finishes and the level of workmanship is a source of pride for every contractor who performed work on The Getty Center.

Berger Bros.’ Role
As the framing contractor, Berger Bros. was responsible for the correct size and location of each of the wall types, and was instrumental in making the modular system work. Berger Bros. also performed the structural steel fireproofing, the metal stud framing, drywall, taping and plaster finish on the Tram station that brings visitors to the complex, and five of the six buildings on the hilltop.