About Us – Foundation

imageimageA solid foundation is where it all begins. The underlying support, the principles, the vision upon which an organization is built. The foundation for Berger Bros., Inc. was laid back in 1959 when brothers Paul and Peter Berger opened their plastering business. It was a partnership built on hard work, long days and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, quality and excellence. And it would be their vision that would cement Berger Bros.’ future reputation as a leading subcontractor in lath, plaster, drywall and fireproofing.

Berger Bros., Inc. was founded in 1959, by Peter and Paul Berger in Pasadena, California. Starting with a small crew and very little equipment, the brothers quickly gained a reputation for excellent performance in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Founded on those principles, the company passed on to another generation, and extended operations North into the San Francisco Bay Area.

Approaching its 50th anniversary, Berger Bros., Inc. is among the top lath, plaster and drywall contractors in California. The company performs a wide variety of plaster including both 3-coat gypsum and interior veneer finish, as well as exterior conventional cement and various acrylic and E.I.F.S. systems. Additionally, we perform cementitious fireproofing in both Monokote and Cafco systems.

Berger Bros., Inc. is also regarded as a premier metal stud framing and drywall contractor for both core & shell and tenant improvement projects, including the San Francisco Civic Center with over 3 million square feet of drywall. As you can see from the following portfolio of work, the types of projects we have completed range from hospitals to theme park work; office buildings to aquariums.

With an experienced crew of field personnel, working together with a dedicated office support group, Berger Bros., Inc. is capable of performing a wide variety of jobs. Whether it is a fast track, multiple shift tenant improvement project or design build exterior framing, lath & plaster, Berger Bros., Inc. is consistently counted upon to proactively push the project to a safe and expeditious finish.