About Us – Legacy

The legacy of a company stems from the values of its founders. Berger Bros., Inc. is the truest example of that. A history rich with ingenuity, pride and perseverance. Its present grounded in a strong respect for its values and its past.

The history of Berger Bros., Inc. is that of two determined and hard-working men. In 1959, with just $2,000, brothers Paul F. Berger and Peter W. Berger opened their plastering business, performing all of the physical labor themselves. Berger Bros. was later incorporated in 1965.

Enduring. Strengthening. From a small, single-trade plastering company, Paul and Peter would guide their company’s growth to a prominent, multi-disciplined lath, plaster, drywall and fireproofing subcontractor performing work throughout California.

Building. Changing. Paul and Peter’s relentless emphasis on efficiency and reliable, high quality service is as evident today as when the two founded the company more than four decades ago.

In 1996, Paul and Peter Berger retired from the company.  Paul Francis Berger Jr. passed away on February 1, 2007.  Peter Berger continues on as a board member. But the founders left their company to those who know it best and respect it most. Their sons. Their legacy.