About Us – Infrastucture

Preserving the founders’ values and leading the company forward now rests on the shoulders of Paul’s sons, Brad and Bob; and Peter’s sons, Michael and Paul. Individually. Collectively. Each son makes a unique and essential contribution, working toward a common goal, based upon the founding principles of their fathers.

Brad Berger

1977 – Present
“I see my position as CEO not so much in terms of directing the activities of others, but rather guiding us by our common principles.”

Leads the company’s daily operations
Directs long-term strategic vision and planning
Participates in all potential contracts
Regularly reviews work-in-progress status of the company’s jobs
Led restructuring efforts, resulting in increased productivity, reduced costs and sustained competitive position


Michael Berger

President, Southern California
1989 – Present
“The key to managing projects so that they are completed in a safe and timely manner is effective communication.”

Leads the project management function
Ensures jobs are completed safely and in a timely manner
Directs purchase and selection of office and construction equipment
Served as project manager for con- struction of the large, complex Getty Center