About Us – Innovation

A commitment to innovation is what distinguishes a company from its competitors. It is the hallmark of a leader. Berger Bros. embraces new techniques and develops new solutions. Making improvements to enhance every project. Delivering quality and excellence for every client. Revolutionizing the industry as a whole.

Berger Bros. is well versed at design/build projects. From consulting on flashing and waterproofing details to performing engineering and shop drawing services, Berger Bros. is capable of handling the smallest details and the largest projects.

Berger Bros. is totally committed to the safety of its men and women. Our constant goal is to return them home each day as healthy as when they came in. To that end, a full-time safety manager visits the projects on a daily basis.

Material Improvements
Consistently customizes equipment to introduce new textures, methods and finishes. The Berger Bros.’ unique “Marblecrete” finish became the industry standard and the model for the Plaster Institute.

New Construction Methods
Berger Bros. embraces new construction methods such as load-bearing light gauge metal framing. Of better quality than wood and less expensive than concrete or structural steel buildings, this method is excellent for low rise (up to five floors over a post-tension podium) residential or hotel construction.